� I Don't Want To Go To Woodstock

Originally released: 1989

Available on: The Headless Chickens - 7' (EP), Year Zero - The Exeter Punk Scene 1977 - 2000 CD (album)

Not available


The Headless Chickens were a late 80`s band who have recorded a 7' EP in 1989 at the Hometown Atrocities label. Vocalist Shack and drummer Martin helped out on early Hometown Atrocities shows. Various members were also involved with the late 80`s Fishtank disco which provided a rare opportunity to hear punk and alternative music in the city prior to the Hometown Atrocities shows. Guitarist and vocalist Thom Yorke went on to form Radiohead after moving back from university to Oxford. Violinist John Mathias has sessioned on various Radiohead recordings while vocalist Shack had a track included on the soundtrack of the film 'The Matrix' with his most recent band.

The track I Don't Want To Go To Woodstock was recorded at daylight studios in 1989. Producer: Paul Bateman. Band line up: Shack-vocals/bass, Thom-guitar/vocals, Martin-drums, John-violin, Laura-violin.

At the request of Thom Yorke, Hometown Atrocities have made a contribution for the use of the Headless Chickens track on Year Zero to Friends Of The Earth