Radiohead will release their sixth album Hail To The Thief on Parlophone on June 9. This will be preceded by the single There There on May 26. Hail To The Thief features 14 tracks and was recorded in Oxfordshire and Los Angeles. It was produced by Nigel Godrich and Radiohead, and mixed by Nigel Godrich.


Here is the full tracklisting:
01. 2 + 2 = 5
02. Sit Down. Stand Up
03. Sail To The Moon
04. Backdrifts
05. Go To Sleep
06. Where I End And You Begin
07. We Suck Young Blood
08. The Gloaming
09. There There
10. I Will
11. A Punch-Up At A Wedding
12. Myxomatosis
13. Scatterbrain
14. A Wolf At The Door

Since May 2002 Radiohead recorded their sixth album. They surprised during Portugal and Spain summer tour, when they played 14 new songs and remake of Lift:
A Punch Up At A Wedding
Go To Sleep
I Will

Sail To The Moon


Sit Down, Stand Up

There There
Up On The Ladder
We Suck Young Blood
Where I End And You Begin

Wicked Child
Wolf At The Door


On August 2002 producer Nigel Godrich joined the band in Los Angeles, USA.


Thom made an appearance on the official Radiohead message board. On the title of new album NOT being Are You Listening or 2+2=5, Thom said: K O R R e K T ! it isnt. it never was.


On the third webcast the band played two new songs called Good Morning Mr Magpie and I Froze Up.



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