� DateAugust 18, 2003
� VenueTweeter Center
� CityCamden
� CountryUSA
� Opening ActStephen Malkmus
01. The Gloaming
02. There There
03. Sit Down. Stand Up.
04. Where I End And You Begin
05. Exit Music
06. Backdrifts
07. Lucky
08. Paranoid Android
09. Sail To The Moon
10. Kid A
11. Go To Sleep
12. Like Spinning Plates
13. I Might Be Wrong
14. Talk Show Host
15. Idioteque
16. Fake Plastic Trees
17. The National Anthem

First encore:
18. (Nice Dream)
19. My Iron Lung
20. No Surprises
21. Karma Police

Second encore:
22. 2+2=5
23. Everything In Its Right Place

Sail To The Moon had a false start. Jonny having problems getting distortion turned off somewhere. During the chaos Thom started to play Big Ideas (Don't get any) then stopped when Jonnys guitar was fine.

After (Nice Dream), Set up for Myxomatosis, but Jonny's keyboard was broken so they pulled the extra keyboards off and made Colin change his bass.