� DateAugust 30, 2003
� VenueThunderbird Stadium
� CityVancouver
� CountryCanada
� Opening ActStephen Malkmus
01. 2+2=5
02. Sit down. Stand up.
03. Where I End And You Begin
04. Kid A
05. Backdrifts
06. Myxomatosis
07. Lucky
08. Paranoid Android
09. Sail To The Moon
10. You And Whose Army?
11. Go To Sleep
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Like Spinning Plates
14. The Gloaming
15. Idioteque
16. No Surprises
17. There There

First encore:
18. The National Anthem
19. A Wolf At The Door
20. Airbag
21. Street Spirit (fade out)

second encore:
22. Karma Police
23. Just
24. Everything In Its Right Place

Before Kid A Thom said: This is a happy song about heads on sticks. Lucky was dedicated to R.E.M. I Might be Wrong was with some acapella at the end.

The Gloaming: Thom sang the name of Alistair Campbell a couple of times just before the start of the song, which got sampled later on the song, while thom was marching on the beat.